The CLAMOR team is composed of permanent members (from the CNRS and the Ministry of Justice), partners and visiting scholars. The CLAMOR does not offer the Associate Researcher position. The CLAMOR can however welcome a delegation of researchers and postdocs, if their program includes a digital dimension linked to the history of justice (construction of a new research instrument, creation of a corpus, online publication of research results).

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Permanent members

Nadine Dardenne – Communication and training

Marc Renneville – Director

Jean-Lucien Sanchez – Creation of exhibits

Delphine Usal – Data editing

Sophie Victorien – New digital projects and editor of the Criminocorpus journal

Caroline Soppelsa – Project Hugo. The digital tool for legal heritage (January 2017- April 2018, GIP Justice founding)

Pierre Prétou – Hosting researcher position, »The medieval invention of the crime of piracy » (Academic exchange from September 2017 to September 2018)


Partners are elected by the general meeting of the Unit for their effective cooperation in joint projects .
They have an advisory vote at general meetings .

Michel Basdevant – Partner
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Hélène Bellanger – Partner
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Jean-Claude Farcy –  Partner
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Jean-François Heintzen – Partner
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Pierre Piazza – Partner
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Philippe Poisson – Partner
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Sylvie Poisson – Partner
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Franck Sénateur – Partner
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Jean-Claude Vimont ( ) –  Partner
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Jean-Jacques Yvorel – Partner
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Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholar(s) status can be given to people staying in France for a fixed term and who develop digital projects linked to CLAMOR and collaborate effectively with the team.

Patricia Baas – Visiting Scholar (01/3/2017 – 31/08/2017)

Sébastien Dhalluin – Visiting Scholar (01/02/2016 – 01/02/2017)
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Fabienne Doulat – Visiting Scholar (03/03/2016 – 31/12/2018)

Maki Fukuda – Visiting Scholar (03/03/2016-31/12/2016), University of Nagoya
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Briony Neilson – Visiting Scholar (01/12/2015 – 15/07/2016), The University of Sidney
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