Bibliography of the History of French Justice

The Bibliography of the history of French justice (1789-2011) contains 68,819 references concerning judicial institutions and personnel, legal procedures and trials, crimes, punishments, political repression, and policing. This constitutes a reference bibliography for the field.

This bibliography based on journal articles published over the previous two centuries distinguishes between the publications of contemporary authors (sources) and works of a more historical nature. It was transferred from its previous CD-ROM (and, before that, paper) version to an online one in October 2005 when the Criminocorpus portal was founded. The first online version of the Bibliography of the history of French justice contained 63,600 references. Since then, it has been regularly updated by Jean-Claude Farcy, who has flagged sources with new editions and added a limited number of historiographical sources. The last update was completed in June 2011. It offers a search tool that can perform simple, advanced or thematic queries.

The next steps for the Bibliography include linking authors to those of the Criminocorpus library. In a similar perspective, the bibliography entries referring to sources which have been digitized will be progressively linked to the websites where their digital copies are accessible.