A digital library

Digital LibraryOur digital library aims to create an overview of the field of the history of French justice from a comparative perspective. It offers unified access online to digitized documents, whose originals are otherwise conserved in diverse collections (multimedia libraries of the Minister of Justice, libraries and professional establishments), public institutions (national archives, departmental archives, museums, libraries), and private collections of researchers and collectors. Managed by Criminocorpus, this library offers unique technological and documentary resources.

Technologically, it allows the management of data in a failsafe environment (long-term identification, interoperability, long-term storage and archival services). On a documentary level, the library follows a logic of mutualization and digital convergence that allows the identity of contributors to be preserved within thematic collections.

All library documents are promoted through descriptions, exhibits or citations in related research or other work. Moreover, the library offers advanced research options and links to other resources on the platform. These resources and collections are regularly enriched with new manuscript, printed, sound and video documents. While most of the resources are in French, the library also provides rare documents in Latin, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Esperanto.